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About us

  • Mailing address:
    • Addressee’s name: HA5KFU Radioklub (Room 1901 Schonherz Kollegium)
    • Street line: Irinyi Jozsef utca 42.
    • City: Budapest XI.
    • Postal code: 1117
    • Country: HUNGARY
  • E-mail: ha5kfu [à]

HA5KFU is an amateur radio club founded in 1954 by electric engineering students. Our radio station is located on the nineteenth floor of Schönherz Student Hostel in Budapest, Hungary. We are part of Simonyi Károly College for Advanced Studies.

Most of our club members are students of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, both electric and computer engineering students. Apart from amateur radio service, we are also working on telecommunication-related hobby projects, which involve designing analog circuits (amplifiers and filters), building antennas, programming microcontrollers, and creating amateur transceivers using SDR and FPGA technologies.

We are constantly developing our radio station, and we are holding an amateur radio course each semester for the students interested.

A few examples of our current hobby projects: building a cross-Yagi antenna and programming an antenna rotator for satellite reception, shortwawe FPGA receiver, experimental mobile repeater station.

The team (Dec 2019)
QTH of the radio club: Schönherz Hostel. The picture was taken during the annual festival of electric engineering students called Schönherz Qpa. One of the festivals main events is turning the windows into a giant display.
Our club room is on the top (nineteenth) floor of the building, and our antenna mast pole is visible on the roof.

Our equipment for HF bands

Diamond WD330 T2FD antenna (2-30MHz) on the roof of Schönherz Hostel (67m above street level)
Yaesu FT DX 1200 HF/50MHz Transceiver
Antenna rotator for 70cm and 2m amateur band (under construction)

On HF bands we sometimes use a RF power amplifier in addition.

Team members

Contact us

You can contact the club via e-mail: ha5kfu [à]

Radio club leader: Keresztes Botond (HA5ERI) – keresztes.botond [à]
Treasurer: László Párkányi – parkanyi.laszlo [à]

Follow our instagram channel @ha5kfu for our ham-related stuff!