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The product mentioned in the title is still on the market, however it isn’t documented well. As I had chosen this device to be used in one of the club-projects I had to lookup up the internet for more details about this filter. Having prohibition to access the instruments at the university I could only rely on the web.

The product is widely available with white, blue, red and orange color codes.

In HQElektronika they have a footprint shown below.

Image is from HQElektronika

Radiomuseum also has some addtional information. On their website they say that the pinout is the following: in – gnd – gnd – out. The matching termination for the filter is 330 ohm. has a transfer chart. In the forum thread there is also a scanned version of a catalog showing the same pinout mentioned before.

One of the most informative sites was They talk about the meaning of the color codes:

Center frequency group A: 10,700MHz ±30kHz identification colour: red
Center frequency group B: 10,670MHz ±30kHz identification colour: blue
Center frequency group C: 10,730MHz ±30kHz identification colour: orange
Center frequency group D: 10,640MHz ±30kHz identification colour: black
Center frequency group E: 10,760MHz ±30kHz identification colour: white

And other details:

DC voltage max: 50V
3dB bandwidth: 230kHz ±50
50dB bandwidth: 700kHz
Insertion loss: 10dB
Spurious: 60dB

Thank god for all the information pieces found, especially for

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